Millian Church is a Rockville Methodist Church

Pastor's Goals 2016

* Lead Pastor, Rev. Dr. Miguel A. Balderas
Goal #1: I will provide multicultural understanding (training) for the leadership and congregation by end of 2016.

Goal #2: I will provide support and guidance to my staff and leaders with lay leader and Lay Leadership Committee.

Goal #3: I will work with Mission & Vision to develop a cohesive multicultural congregation.

Goal #4: I will work with SPRC, Trustees and Finances to have all the policies and manuals for Millian Memorial UMC in place.

Goal # 5: I will work with Mission and Vision team to develop a 3-year action plan developing a culture of church mission focus.


* Associate Pastor, Rev. Braulio Torres
Goal #1: I will provide training, support and guidance to new Millian’s youth leaders.  
Goal #2: I will continue to assist and support the lead pastor in the process of becoming a multicultural church by teaching and providing tools to the whole congregation.

Goal #3: I will work directly with the lead pastor during the process of achieving Millian’s goal #6.

Goal #4: I will continue to work directly and intentionally with Stephen Ministry leaders and ministers to provide pastoral and spiritual care.

Goal #5: I will finish all the conference requirements to become an ordained elder.