Millian Church is a Rockville Methodist Church

Smart Sacks Ministry  

 Millian Church participates in the "Smart Sacks" program for selected Montgomery County school children.  The program provides a bag of food directly to needy children for their consumption on weekends.  Manna Food Center provides the food, Linkages to Learning--embedded within public schools to address student needs, such as food--identifies hungry children, and churches pack and deliver the bags of food to the schools. 


 At Millian, once a month, members of Millian's congregation pick up enough food from Manna to prepare 48 Smart Sacks for delivery each week for four weeks to Wheaton Woods Elementary School in the Wheaton Woods/Aspen Hill area.  The food provided by Manna comes in bulk by item; thus, Millian's primary job is to break the boxes of individual items down and fill the individual Smart Sacks.  A typical Smart Sack might contain a juice box, cereal box, oatmeal packet, cereal bar, fruit cup, applesauce cup, macaroni and cheese, tuna, soup, granola bar, and cookies.  Millian volunteers then deliver the week's 48 Smart Sacks to Linkages to Learning staff at Wheaton Woods, who then distribute the bags to the selected students.