Millian Church is a Rockville Methodist Church

Teen Cafe  

The Teen cafe is a place where the doors to the church are open to the neighborhood, allowing the youth to come in and feel at home. As a church, the ultimate desire is that they will feel the love and welcome at the church, whether they are attending with us us Sunday or not.

Furthermore, we have three ethnic groups attending Teen Cafe: Caucassian, African-American, Latinos, and Asians. It is a blessing to share that Teen Cafe has already had an impact on the diverse youth that inhabit our area. We are working on helping all of these teens to blend as a group and to create a community of support for each of them.

In a sense, we are hoping to create a "church gang", where they know each other by name, learn more of each others backgrounds, and learn to take care of each other. It is one of the ways we hope to help this neighborhood, to reconect with each other and love and value one another.

The Teen Calendar provides a summary of upcoming events for Millian's teen community. 

You can also keep up to date with the Teen Cafe through the links below: