Millian Church is a Rockville Methodist Church

United Methodist Men  

Millian United Methodist Men seek to continue their strong ministry in God, fellowship and community. When a man accepts Jesus Christ and joins the United Methodist Church he expresses his commitment to a new life. Our UMM group helps a man live out his commitment through a covenant relationship with other men in the church. In these troubled times, old values are being challenged, and new ones have yet to be fully formed. Men are experiencing identity and personal crises, yet there aee few models of how a truely Christian man shall live in today's world. The call is for men to be bear witness to our Christian values.

The UMM are called to share their spiritual journey in company with other men. In this way men will therefore find ways of using what God has entrusted to them to the betterment of their community. The Millian UMM meet the second Saturday of each month during the "school year" at 8 A.M. in the Fellowship Hall for breakfest, fellowship and an educational program.